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Bruny Island Photography

At Bruny Island Photography we are passionate about the natural environment and capturing its beauty through our photography. We offer guided photographic tours which are suitable for photographers of all levels. Our professional photographers will help improve your photography skills in both the field and post-processing phases.

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What people say

A red wallaby<br/>Photo Credit: Alistair Haughton
A red wallaby
Photo Credit: Alistair Haughton

Alastair Haughton

Sydney NSW

“A first-in-a-lifetime experience”
“The locations you and the team selected were not only visually beautiful, but they’re clearly the results of local knowledge, and I really appreciate that we’ve been trusted with it. It feels like we’ve been afforded a rare privilege and are now guardians of an important secret. I doubt such feelings could be achieved with larger groups.

A chance to meet and learn from Luke is something many people will seek and pay for, but there was a seamless collaboration that made our experience as much about Bruny Island as it was about him. It seemed like he’s a part of the Bruny Island family, who also happens to be an exceptional photographer. Most importantly of all, his talent is balanced with humility. The trip would have felt quite different without the latter - less questions would have been asked and answered, and the value we’ve received would be less. With thanks to him I’ve learned a great deal, but am also excited to visit years’ worth of previous images with fresh eyes and new skills. This has been a first-in-a-lifetime experience for me, and one that’s not only fuelled my passion for photography, but even more so for Bruny Island. My first visit was about its landscapes, flora and fauna. However my next will be as much about its people.

Bruny Island sunset over rocks<br/>Photo Credit: Nathan Goldsworthy<br/>Canon 5D MkIV f13 27mm 30s ISO100
Bruny Island sunset over rocks
Photo Credit: Nathan Goldsworthy
Canon 5D MkIV f13 27mm 30s ISO100

Nathan Goldsworthy

Melbourne Victoria

“Those cliff faces, I’ll never forget that"
“The boat trips were amazing. The boat trip was incredible. That second boat trip blew my mind. I did not expect that from down here. It’s my first time down here. It looked like something from King Kong, something you’d expect from the northern hemisphere, like the Greenlands, the Icelands, that kind of style, those cliff faces, I’ll never forget that.”
A sea eagle takes flight<br/>Photo Credit: Shona Van Lieshout<br/>Fujifilm X-T2 f5.6 400mm 1/250s ISO200
A sea eagle takes flight
Photo Credit: Shona Van Lieshout
Fujifilm X-T2 f5.6 400mm 1/250s ISO200

Shona Van Lieshout

Melbourne Victoria

“Such a beautiful, rugged, natural environment”
“ It’s just been really fantastic being around other like-minded visual creative people who all have a passion and love for photography. The whole experience has been about enjoying that same passion and love together. A lot of the conversations all through the day and in the evening talking about depth of field and shutter speed and apertures and looking at other people’s photos from other trips that they’ve done, I think having that theme across all four days has been really good, and what’s linked everyone together. On top of that, just being in such a beautiful, rugged natural environment. Everywhere you look it’s visual. It’s a new experience for me, it’s been good.

For me, I’m quite rusty, I’ve put my camera down a long time ago and picked up my phone, and take photos with my phone all the time. It’s inspired me to get back into photography, even with all the post-processing work is a little bit ahead of where I’m at but it’s inspired me to go home after this and start looking into it more and following it up further, so that’s really good. I’ve certainly picked up so many things along the way. I think everybody has inputted, the whole group together. I can go to anyone and if I have a question, people have been able to help, so it’s been good. ”

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