Bruny Island Photography

Bruny Island Photography

At Bruny Island Photography we are passionate about the natural environment and capturing the beauty of it in our photography. We offer guided photographic tours which are suitable for photographers of all levels. Our professional photographers will help improve your photography skills in the field and also in the post-process.

Bruny Island Photography Tour

Join us for a wonderful adventure...

Bruny Island Photography is dedicated to capturing and showcasing the Island’s unique natural beauty. Tasmania has a proud tradition of Nature Photography dating back to the 1850’s and these images have played a critical role in highlighting the richness of its natural environment and the imperative for its preservation. Our tours continue in the spirit of that tradition.

Bruny Island, itself, is a microcosm of the Tasmanian mainland. It is blessed with an extraordinarily diverse range of distinct environments - spectacular coastlines, geological wonders, beaches, rainforests, mountains, lagoons, abundant flora and fauna - a cornucopia of photographic material; all at your doorstep!

While bringing you to the many beautiful places this region has to offer, we will do our best to teach you how to take better photographs, to skilfully use your camera and equipment, and help you with post-processing. We pride ourselves on providing highly qualified photography guides to help you improve your photography.

From a chartered boat, our resident photographers will show you the geological splendour of the rugged Bruny coastline with its abundant sea and bird life - It is here that your journey begins.

Over subsequent days we will take you to some of the Island’s most scenic locations - many of which are situated on private reserves spanning thousands of acres.

Our accommodation offers spectacular settings for communing with the Island’s elemental beauty and unwinding from the day’s activities. A perfect base from which to practice, reflect upon and discuss the craft of photography with our guides and fellow tour participants.

We look forward to sharing our passion for the Island and showing you what an incredibly special place it is whilst honing your skills in the art of photography. You won’t be disappointed!


We offer something unique!

  • Our four-day workshop is an immersive experience in the cultural landscape of Bruny Island from both land and water
  • Small group size and professional tuition
  • Transfers between Hobart, your destination and photo shoot locations
  • All meals and drinks are included, sample some of the many Bruny Island culinary delights.
  • Profit from Bruny Island Photography Tours goes back into the environment
  • We can take you to places that only a privileged few get to experience
  • Twin share accommodation, single supplement may be available

Exclusive Locations

No need to battle with other tour groups and photographers for the best photo spots, we have access to thousands of acres of private reserves, giving you the opportunity to take unique photos.

Pricing and Dates

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Feb 14 - 17 2019  Places Available
Mar 7 - 10 2019  Places Available
Apr 4 - 7 2019  Places Available
May 2 - 5 2019  Places Available
Jun 20 - 22 2019  Places Available
Jul 4 - 7 2019  Places Available
Aug 8 - 11 2019  Places Available
Sep 26 - 29 2019  Places Available

Price: $3,995 Australian dollars

Deposit: $1,000 Australian dollars


Tour Requirements

  • You must bring your own camera and tripod
  • A reasonable level of walking fitness is required as you will need to have the ability to negotiate uneven ground and walk up hills carrying your kit.
  • Luke can supply Nisi Filters Systems and Sirui Tripods. If you would like to purchase one of these items in advance, we can arrange for collection on arrival at your Bruny Island destination.


Day 1
  • Depart Franklin Wharf, Hobart and travel by private boat down to Bruny Island. Along the way we pass sights of both historic and environmental interest.
  • Cloudy Bay Scenic Lookout
  • Arrive at one of Bruny Island Coastal Retreats accommodation
  • Sunset shoot
Day 2
  • Boat journey around the southern tip of Bruny Island. Sights may include the Cape Bruny Lighthouse, some of Australia’s highest sea cliffs, natural blow holes and an abundance of wild life. Seals, dolphins, birds and migrating whales may be seen at certain times
  • Cloudy Bay Lagoon sunrise shoot
  • Astrophotography shoot
  • Landscapes post-processing workshop
Day 3
  • Simpsons Point sunrise photo shoot
  • Astrophotography post-processing workshop
  • Lighthouse sunset and astrophotography shoot
Day 4
  • Sunrise/morning photo shoot
  • Return to Hobart
The above is a selection of activities and may change depending on weather and the tour leader's discretion.

Workshop Content

Our photographers are available to provide hands on assistance in the following areas
  • Composition – creating visually balanced & creative landscapes shots
  • Photostacking
  • Modes – auto/aperture/program/manual
  • Focus – auto/manual hyperfocal
  • The triangle – aperture/shutter/ISO
  • Depth of field
  • Panorama
  • Use of NiSi filters
  • Photography Apps and Software
  • Astrophotography
  • Lightpainting
  • Post-processing
    • Adobe Lightroom
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Stitching
    • Layering

What's Not Included

  • Transport to and from Hobart
  • Travel Insurance (required as a condition of booking)
  • Camera equipment
  • Camera insurance
Bruny Island Landscape Photo Tour
Bruny Island Landscape Photo Tour
Bruny Island Astro Tour
Bruny Island Landscape Photo Tour


Some of the reviews of guests who have been on the Bruny Island Photography Tour.


"The locations you and the team selected were not only visually beautiful, but they’re clearly the results of local knowledge, and I really appreciate that we’ve been trusted with it. It feels like we’ve been afforded a rare privilege and are now guardians of an important secret. I doubt such feelings could be achieved with larger groups.

A chance to meet and learn from Luke is something many people will seek and pay for, but there was a seamless collaboration that made our experience as much about Bruny Island as it was about him. It seemed like he’s a part of the Bruny Island family, who also happens to be an exceptional photographer. Most importantly of all, his talent is balanced with humility. The trip would have felt quite different without the latter - less questions would have been asked and answered, and the value we’ve received would be less. With thanks to him I’ve learned a great deal, but am also excited to visit years’ worth of previous images with fresh eyes and new skills.

This has been a first-in-a-lifetime experience for me, and one that’s not only fuelled my passion for photography, but even more so for Bruny Island. My first visit was about its landscapes, flora and fauna. However my next will be as much about its people."

Alistair Haughton, Sydney NSW

"I actually I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wouldn’t classify myself as a photographer. So I think it’s been really great that it’s been quite customizable to everyone’s kind of skill level and interest as well. I’ve found myself picking up the camera a fair bit to take photos, because everyone’s so inspired and I didn’t want to miss out. Some beautiful locations. It’s been incredible."

Shona Thom, Melbourne Victoria

"The boat trips were amazing. The boat trip was incredible. That second boat trip blew my mind. I did not expect that from down here. It’s my first time down here. It looked like something from King Kong, something you’d expect from the northern hemisphere, like the Greenlands, the Icelands, that kind of style, those cliff faces, I’ll never forget that."

Nathan Goldsworthy, Melbourne Victoria

"Absolutely wouldn’t ask for more. Great boat. Beautiful boat. Having been down here before, I knew the layout, so I was excited to come back again. The staff, I’ve met you guys before, so I knew I would be absolutely knackered at the end of it all. But it’s really nice, you guys are really inspired, you are obviously passionate, and it’s not just a job. It really comes across big time. It’s easy to get excited, no matter how tired you are, you’re ready to go and really looking forward to the next thing, so it was wonderful."

Peter Hannan, NSW

"It’s just been really fantastic being around other like-minded visual creative people who all have a passion and love for photography. The whole experience has been about enjoying that same passion and love together. A lot of the conversations all through the day and in the evening talking about depth of field and shutter speed and apertures and looking at other people’s photos from other trips that they’ve done, I think having that theme across all four days has been really good, and what’s linked everyone together. On top of that, just being in such a beautiful, rugged natural environment. Everywhere you look it’s visual. It’s a new experience for me, it’s been good.

For me, I’m quite rusty, I’ve put my camera down a long time ago and picked up my phone, and take photos with my phone all the time. It’s inspired me to get back into photography, even with all the post-processing work is a little bit ahead of where I’m at but it’s inspired me to go home after this and start looking into it more and following it up further, so that’s really good. I’ve certainly picked up so many things along the way. I think everybody has inputted, the whole group together. I can go to anyone and if I have a question, people have been able to help, so it’s been good."

Shona Van Lieshout, Melbourne Victoria

"When I first looked at the itinerary, I think I was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everything and I’d be totally exhausted carrying the backpack and hiking everywhere. Actually it turned out to be ok, I felt fine. I’m just kind of surprised that every day is actually better than the previous day, the experience, the shots, a bit like the weather I suppose. The first boat trip, and then the second boat trip was even better, then the first sunset shot, the first night and the third night was even better at the lighthouse. We were running down the cliff faces and trying to catch the light, it was just amazing. Every day just improved and we got the astro shots as well. Just totally amazed."

Simon Chin, Melbourne Victoria


About Us

Meet the photography team at Bruny Island Photography.

Our workshops and tours are run by a team of professional photographers who will take you to stunning locations while imparting a wealth of experience and knowledge. All our photographers have first aid certification and public liability insurance. We have the required permits for entry and filming in national parks and reserves, and the operation of public passenger vehicles.

Luke Tscharke
Luke Tscharke

Luke Tscharke is an international award winning Australian landscape, nature, and travel photographer and social media influencer based in Hobart, Tasmania. Luke is passionate about inspiring people to travel and see the beauty in the world around them. Originally trained as a Quality Assurance professional with a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of South Australia, he has worked for some of the world’s largest food and beverage companies to ensure the quality and integrity of their products. This same meticulous approach has been instilled his photography, where he strives to create memorable natural landscape images from locations across Australia and other parts of the world.

The quality of his work has been recognised by awards in many photography competitions, publication in books, calendars, and magazines, and work with corporations and charities including Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Ford, WWF, Optus, Australia Post, National Geographic, RACT, and Mental Health Australia.

Peter Haywood
Peter Haywood

Peter Haywood is an experienced photographer, videographer and drone pilot.

Peter grew up in Papua New Guinea and came to Australia in 1975 to finish his schooling. He completed an apprenticeship in graphic reproduction at the Mercury Newspaper and achieved professional qualification in graphic reproduction in 1984. Over the next 20 years he worked in the printing industry, travelling around Australia working for various newspapers and printing firms.

Peter is a passionate photographer and videographer, specializing in landscape, architectural and sports photography and videography

Peter Brindley
Peter Brindley


Photos taken by our professional photographers and guest photographers around Bruny Island.

Bruny Island Photography Landscapes Gallery 1
Landscapes Gallery 1
Bruny Island Photography Landscapes Gallery 2
Landscapes Gallery 2
Bruny Island Photography Night Skies Gallery
Night Skies Gallery

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