Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome photographers of all skill levels. Our guides will be happy to assist anyone from beginner to expert; making sure you get the most from your photography tour.

Once you have booked an Aurora Tour, we will contact you when Auroral conditions are 'highly favourable' and *offer* you a position on the dynamically scheduled expedition. Accepting the *offer* is purely up to you—as in, if dates/times suit your schedule—for there will always be more offers in the future which may suit your circumstance better. Our previous participants all attest that this flexibility is a truly unique and amazing aspect of what we do.

Twin share accommodation will be provided at one of Bruny Island Coastal Retreats fabulous properties. Single supplement may be available, an additional charge will apply, please contact us to discuss.

All linen and towelling provided.

We limit the group size to 10.

All our tours are subject to minimum numbers. Bruny Island Photography may, at its sole discretion, cancel any tour due to minimum
numbers not being reached. See our Terms and Conditions for our trip cancellation policy.

Whilst we try and be as accommodating as possible toward unforeseen circumstance, e.g. 'shifting your booking to a future tour etc.', our official policy is as follows:

  • All cancellations must be received by email.
  • All refunds will be paid in Australian Dollars and paid with 7 days less any bank fees. Refund only cover monies you have paid to Bruny Island Photography (NPCT) for the tour.
  • If you cancel your place and your spot is filled, we will refund all monies you have paid Bruny Island Photography (NPCT) for the tour less a $200 cancellation fee.

Astro, Landscape, and Stop-Down Tours (only):

      • If you cancel and your spot is not filled a cancellation fee of $200 will apply
        • Up to 90 days prior full refund
        • Up to 60 days prior 50%
        • Up to 30 days prior 25%

Aurora Tours (only):

      • If you cancel and your spot is not filled after accepting and paying the full Aurora Tour fee, you will forfeit your standby deposit.

Essential camera equipment:

  • Camera with wide angle lens
  • Tripod
  • Battery charger
Recommended camera equipment:
  • Spare battery
  • Spare memory card
  • Remote trigger or cable trigger
  • Telephoto lens
  • Polarizing filter
  • ND filters
  • Laptop with Adobe Lightroom installed
  • Cable to connect camera to laptop
  • Camera cleaning kit (wipes, air blower)
  • A water protection cover for your camera to keep your camera dry from rain and ocean spray
    • A simple option is to use a plastic zip lock bag with the corner cut out and an elastic band to keep it secure
      Camera plastic bag cover
Clothing and other equipment
  • Warm clothing for night excursions. During winter we recommend you also bring gloves and head protection such as a hooded jacket or beanie. Thermal underwear is also recommended during the colder months.
  • Hiking boots or sturdy shoes with ankle support which can handle uneven terrain. Water resistant shoes will help if ground conditions are wet.
  • A water proof jacket or raincoat
  • A backpack or other bag which can hold your equipment while hiking
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • If you have any medical conditions, we recommend you bring enough medicine as there is no pharmacy nearby

All major airlines fly into Hobart International Airport, daily. The airport is 25 minutes from central Hobart by car.

Our Tour meeting point is located within the Brooke St Pier [floating pontoon] - 12 Franklin Wharf, Hobart, Tasmania.
NOTE: When entering the building, head along the thoroughfare towards the far left-end—just in front of the 'Glass House' Restaurant—where a Bruny Island Photography staff member will greet you.
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Astro, Landscape, and Stop-Down Tours (only):

  • You will be transported by boat to Bruny Island.

We recommend you arrive the night before so you are fully rested for your first day and not rushed.

The boat is enclosed with side opening windows and outside access to stern and bow.  It can get pretty cold depending on the day. Warm clothing, hat, gloves and thermal underwear are recommended during the winter. The boat is equipped with body length sea jackets which are both wind and water-proof.

Ginger tablets are provided for those who may suffer from motion sickness.

Food and water will be provided on the boat.

Your luggage will also be transported with you on the boat.

There will be opportunities to take photographs of spectacular cliff faces and rock formations, wild waves crashing against rocks, blowholes, and sea-life such as dolphins and seals. We recommend the following equipment for taking photos on the boat:

  • a wide angle lens, and a telephoto lens, OR
  • a zoom lens with a wide range so you can take both wide shots and zoom shots without changing lens
  • polarizing filter for managing ocean water glare
  • lens wipes to wipe away any ocean spray from your lens
  • a water protection cover to keep your camera dry in case there is excessive ocean spray. A simple plastic bag cover made from a zip lock bag and elastic band is sufficient.
    Camera plastic bag cover

As we are staying on the island, the maximum travelling time between the accommodation and photo shoot locations is about 30 minutes.

You will be transported in one of two people movers, with a specific place to store your camera bag.

The tour includes well known tourist spots such as the Bruny Island Neck and Cape Bruny Lighthouse.

In addition, a number of the main photo locations are situated on private property not accessible to the public. We pride ourselves in giving you the ultimate photographic experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the natural environment without having to fight for the best photo spots.

You will have exclusive access to our professional photographers while on the tour. Post processing assitance and tuition will be conducted in a relaxed environment tailored to the groups needs.

We recommend you bring everything you need as we will be staying in a remote location. The nearest shops are about 45 minutes drive away.

We recommend Telstra 4G, as it has the best coverage in the area. Optus network coverage is also available, but less reliable.

It is a requirement that you have travel insurance that includes coverage for:

  • Accident and sickness
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains
  • Accidental death
  • Tour cancellation
Proof of appropriate insurance is required prior to departure with us.

We also recommend you have equipment insurance.  We will not be responsible for any equipment loss or damage.

A reasonable level of walking fitness is required, as you will need the ability to negotiate uneven ground and walk up hills carrying your own equipment.

Bruny Island Photography, along with its partners 'Nature Pact' and 'Bruny Island Coastal Retreats', are passionate about preserving Bruny Island's natural and cultural environment. Profit from Bruny Island Photography Tours are used for these preservation efforts.